Welcome to the Solution Centre

Tired of an IT tech who treats you like an idiot?

Worried about your system’s security?

Wish your computer could be fixed without having to take it to the shop?

Common questions asked by everyday people at home or in their business. 

Everybody has moments when throwing their computers out the window seems like the only way to deal with an uncooperative system. Few things feel more frustrating than a system that Just. Won’t. Behave.

The Solution Centre (TSC) feels your pain. In over 40 years of IT and computer management experience, we’ve pretty much seen it all. That’s why TSC excels at troubleshooting and solving clients’ software and hardware problems. Combined with decades of hands-on business experience, we get what the main issue is: your system is supposed to serve your business goals by helping you do your job. It is supposed to work for you
, not the other way around.

What TSC Offers: 


A clear way through the maze of IT systems management and operations implementation. We know we’re supposed to solve problems, not cause them. And we solve them in a way that empowers our clients.



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