MISSION: To provide professional corporate level technological support, Information Technology solutions, procedural problem solving and general consultation to businesses and individuals

Consultation includes:

• Database design review requirements / hardware requirements to support design
• Data processing flow and analysis
• Best practices advice (software)
• New construction advice for computer and networking

IT services include:

• Diagnose – Update – Clean – Repair System
• New computer setup / transfer files from old to new
• Installation of hardware and software
• Data Recovery Service
• System software restoration
• Virus / Malware removal
• Anti-Virus consultation, installation and sales
• Network Server Administration – Maintenance
• Web page development – implementation
• Hosting Services & Domain Name maintenance
• Local Area Networking (LAN) services
• Remote & Phone support
• Training and HOW TO documentation
• Project planning, development and execution
• Software licensing and sales

Remote Managed Systems – Hardware – Software – Antivirus – click for details

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